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VIP Member Benefit Scheme

Britevents Northwest offers a range of income or discount opportunities to its VIP Club Members.  Some of these opportunities earn income for Britevents Northwest and help it expand its sponsorship and hosting of Brit events, membership groups, and information services to Brits and Britophiles in the Pacific Northwest.  Other opportunities help with running our events and and earning shopping discounts for our premium and most trusted Britevents Northwest members. See below for details.

Refer someone to the VIP Club and you earn a $5 credit and your friend also gets a $5 discount on membership.  Get your friend to visit the VIP Club web page.  All you have to do is make sure they put your full name and zip code in the discount code box on the Member application form. Once they apply and make payment we will award your $5 credit. No limit on the number of referrals and credits paid quarterly (cash or gift card).  Your friend must be 18 or over and a legal resident of Washington or Oregon.

Details Coming Soon!

VIP Club Members have first priority for our new local neighborhood coffee morning events. You will host a 60–90 minute coffee morning in a local coffee house. These events will be advertised on Britevents Northwest and Seattle or Portland Brit Meet Up Groups.  The idea is for local Brits and Britophiles to network more informally in their neighborhoods. Although they are still open to all, we expect only Britevents Northwest and Meet Up members within a 10-mile radius will attend. All you need to do is turn up and get people chatting.  As a reward, we will send you a $20 Starbucks Gift Card for each event hosted. You do not have to host at Starbucks if you have another local coffee house you prefer. We expect you to host 4 coffee mornings per year. You then get your next VIP Club renewal for free. Click HERE to register your interest.

Tell us about a third-party BRIT THEMED Event in either Washington State or Oregon for a $5 credit. The event must be:
1.    NOT already promoted by Britevents Northwest nor an event organized by one of our business sponsors or nonprofit partners (see Home Page for these businesses and organizations)
2.    The theme of the event must be British or predominantly British
3.    It must be a FREE event UNLESS it is ticketed by a nonprofit organization. 
4.    It is not due to start for at least two weeks from the date of your notification.

Fill in an Event Referral form and we will assess the event for eligibility before awarding your $5 credit (paid quarterly by cash or gift card).

Do you have an item of British Memorabilia (defined as manufactured prior to 2000) that you would like to offer either our Brit community or the USA in general? Take advantage of Britevents Northwest’s marketing reach in the Brit Community OR our Commercial eBay account where we already have a 100+ rating.  You must estimate its sales value as being between $100 and $500 and manufactured prior to 2000. To receive more information please complete a Memorabilia Sales Inquiry form.

From time to time, we may negotiate special shopping discounts for Members of the VIP Club. These will be sent out as a VIP Club newsletter update.

NOTE: Cash Credits earned by VIP Club Members can also be donated to a UK or US Charity
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