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The best phrase to describe what type of events, where, and when is "Watch and see" as the movement toward ending the pandemic and the easing of social restrictions will be the major factors. The only definite is that all events until the end of March will be online. The priority order for In Person events after that, subject to local jurisdictions, will be:

  • Small outdoor events

  • Larger outdoor events

  • Small indoor events

  • Larger indoor events

One other priority will be to use venues owned by Brits or with a British theme that have survived the economic downturn.

There are also some events that were skipped in 2020 that we hope we will be able to revive in 2021. These are:

  • Britquiz

  • Food forums

  • Euro Football Championships Watch Parties

  • Brits at the Races

  • Guy Fawkes Night

  • Christmas Party

To help fund these events, we will be looking for new sponsors and new ways of raising funds. More to follow.

All year round there will be new website features as well as web competitions and polls.

Welcome to 2021 and we look forward to seeing you at the end of the tunnel now it is in sight. Stay safe!

Britevents Northwest Management