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IMMIGRATION - TAHMINA WATSON Tahmina Watson is a nationally acclaimed immigration attorney and founder of Watson Immigration Law, specializing in business, employment, and investment visas. She was a barrister in London, UK before immigrating herself. A passionate advocate for immigration reform, Tahmina is the author of “The Startup Visa: Key to Job Growth & Economic Prosperity in America” (Link to website)

TAX - MOSES MAN Moses Man is the president and owner of M Squared Tax PLLC. Moses has over 12 years of experience guiding businesses and individuals through complex international tax laws. Moses is a licensed CPA in Washington State. He received his BA in Accounting from Seattle University and his Master in Taxation from the University of Washington.  He is currently an adjunct accounting and tax professor at Seattle University and the University of Washington. (Link to website)

UK PENSIONS - EMMA COCKERTON  Emma Cockerton is CEO of Florin Pensions LLC, a US based investment advisory firm specializing in advising expatriates on UK pensions. With only British expatriate advisers working at Florin, Florin is well placed to help its clients make sense of their UK pensions and provide local advice on how to manage them before and during retirement. (Link to website)

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