Our VIP Club Products

Britevents Northwest is offering a range of products to the VIP Group. Some are free and many are heavily discounted.  Most are new products, although some British memorabilia might be used, but in excellent condition. How they are offered for free, loaned, or sold, and who to, depends on the product. All are exclusive to VIP Members, unless stated otherwise. You can also use our special discount codes or credit codes to help pay for purchases.  If you have any products you want to donate to aid Club funds, then email us at briteventsnw@gmail.com attaching a photo of the item and describe it a little in the message.

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Nobility Products

If you have chosen to be "ennobled" in the Group then with have both free and priced products to accompany your new position. To check these out, go to: 

eBay Listings

This features all our listings, some of which are offered first to VIP Club members and some not. They are available to the general public and could be something a nonmember might be interested in. To go to our eBay store: 

Free Use of Resources

Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of resources, some of which are British themed e,g, flags and some not. If you are having an event in your yard or at a park, check out what you can loan (subject to security deposit). Go to: 

VIP Club Products (discounted)

We use on "sealed bis" system on these products which can include gift cards, novelty items,  office products, and event tickets. If the reserve for an item is not reached,  then we advertise more widely. For current VIP Member only products, go to:

British Groceries

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Free Trips

Every so often, we will offer a free escorted people carrier trip for some of our Members. This might include a trip to the Pacific or over the mountains. Day trips only, so no expensive hotel stay.  Early start and late finish though. For more info: