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Click HERE for updated rules on Food Safety
  1. DO NOT ATTEND an event if you are feeling unwell, especially if showing any of the major symptoms of COVID-19 OR OTHER SERIOUS AIRBORNE TRANSMISSABLE DISEASES such as flu, pneumonia, and other Corona viruses such as SARS (mild fever, persistent new cough, loss of taste or smell, difficulty breathing, fatigue, unexplained headache or sore throat, discoloration of skin or toes, conjunctivitis);

  2. DO NOT ATTEND an event if you should be self-quarantining for any reason, such as you or a a household member being tested positive for a transmissible disease and not yet recovered;

  3. DO NOT ATTEND an event if you or a household member is awaiting a transmissible disease test result

  4. FOR ALL EVENTS you must follow any local jurisdiction or host initiated requirements to safeguard the health of the public

  5. GUESTS must also meet the above requirements. For the safety of all at the event (and for potential contact tracing), all guests must be known personally to the Meet Up Member or registered attendee. 

  6. BRING YOUR OWN Hand sanitizer for regular hand washing where access to soap and water is not guaranteed. Be aware that access to bathroom facilities may also be limited for some events.

  7. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE RULES MAY lead to suspension from attending future events we organize for at least three months. 


We also encourage those aged 65 or over or who are immunity compromised to consider the risks and the precautions, such as mask wearing, before attending the event.

When kids or animals are permitted at an event, there should be closely supervised and any host venue rules must be adhered to.

If you have questions about these rules then get in touch by making an inquiry via out CONTACT PAGE.

Please also make yourself aware of our Standard Event Policies and Rules by clicking HERE

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