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Anchor Event Policies

Under 18 Participation

Members and organizers must be at least 18 years of age. Therefore, Meetup groups must be targeted at, and only offer opportunities for those who are over 18. 

While Meetups provide activities for families, any children present at a Meetup must be supervised and accompanied by an adult guardian. 

Criminal Record

Meetup may remove certain members when we become aware that the member is a convicted sex offender or has been convicted of a violent, fraudulent, or dangerous crime. Meetup may also remove a member based on their criminal record, for safety, or for other concerns. Members with concerns about criminal or illegal activity should always report it to local authorities.

Be Compassionate: Don't Harass, Bully or Shame

Harassment and bullying are not allowed on Meetup OR BENW website. Meetup and BENW will honor requests to remove content that publicly shames or degrades a private individual. 

Members should first contact the uploader or the organizer to request that content be removed.

Harassment is persistent or non-consensual contact from another member. Bullying is the intentional posting of mean content for the purpose of hurting or embarrassing another.

Meetup and BENW will honor requests to remove nude, lewd or shaming photos if the subject of that content reports it. Content targeting a public figure, organization, or anyone who has gained news attention, is not subject to these policies.

Act with Integrity: Do Not Manipulate or Exploit

Any attempt to use someone's insecurities or vulnerabilities for personal gain is considered manipulation or exploitation and is prohibited.

Hate and Supremacy

Hate speech, supremacy, or behavior that incites hate or violence against individuals or groups of people based on who they are or their beliefs, is prohibited.

Message Respectfully: Don't Spam

Content sent to a member or BENW that is irrelevant, impersonal, unsolicited, promotional, or repetitive is spam. Organizer messages for the benefit and information of the Meet Up group are not regarded as spam.


Altering the content or settings of a Meetup group or BENW website without permission from the main organizer, or in a way that is not aligned with the purpose of that Meetup group, is prohibited. Any use of Meetup tools or features to disrupt the Meetup or destroy content for the purpose of undermining or undercutting the established community is a violation of our policies.

Honor Requests for Distance: About Block and Ban Decisions

If you are blocked, you’re blocked. Members must accept and respect any organizer’s decision to ban a member from a group, or a member's decision to block a member from contacting them. Creating new accounts to circumvent block or ban decisions is prohibited.

Ask for Permission: Consent

Meetup and BENW defines consent as welcomed communications and actions to engage with a member. Engaging with anyone in a non-consensual way is strictly prohibited. If ever in doubt, ask permission.

Respect Privacy: Don't Post Other People's Private Information

Posting other people's private information without their explicit consent is prohibited. …

Members and vistors should always be mindful of privacy and use discretion when sharing any private content that belongs to themselves or to other members. For example, phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses, financial information, passwords, and government identification are considered private information.

Be Kind

Bullying, harassment, exploitation, and acts of hate undermine community building in safe spaces where people can trust one another. Building real relationships requires us to be more compassionate and kinder towards one another. Meetup and BENW enforces against behaviors that are threatening, intentionally malicious, or personally harmful--physically, emotionally, or mentally.


Local Policies

If you are a Member of Seattle Brit Meet Up or Portland Brit Meet Up you are expected to follow these additional policies:

(a) No advertising of businesses, products, or services without the express permission of the Group Organizer. This permission will normally only be granted to sponsors of Meet Up and/or BENW  or approved non-profit organizations.

(b) You should not use an Event Page comments section for anything else other than comments or discussion about that event.

(c) You should only post photos to the site that relate to Meet Up events we organize or with the express permission of the Group Organizer.

(d) You should only provide personal data by the Messaging feature and only then to another Member who has consented to receive that data.

(e) Discussion boards should only be used for topics that are relevant to the Group ethos (British themed).

(f) At events we organize, you are expected to follow the policies outlined on this page. If you feel an attendee is infringing one or more of these policies, please report it to the Event Organizer or Group Organizer as soon as possible.

(g) The Group Organizer reserves the right to impose sanctions on Members, short of blocking if discretion is allowed by the Meet Up platform's general policies

Food Sharing at events 

Click HERE to view our specific allergen safety rules.

Sexual Content and Nudity

Pornography is not allowed on Meetup or BENW website. Publicly shared photos must be appropriate for general audiences. Nude or sexual photos are not allowed in public spaces. 

Sex Solicitation and Prostitution

Meetup prohibits groups that, or individuals who, use Meetup to proposition for sex, or to promote or engage in prostitution. 

Shocking, Disturbing, and Violent Content

Gratuitously graphic, disgusting, obscene, or violent content is prohibited. We don't allow content posted to upset, shock, or disturb a Meetup or BENW community or its members. 

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