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Annual Cricket Match
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We will be playing the Twenty Over format. If there are more than 11 players for each side, we will run a substitution system.

For those of you completely new to cricket, you will find a link below to an easy 8 minute introduction to the basics of the game. Also, make sure you are at the field for 11.30 am for training and practice.

VENUE: Magnusson Park Cricket Field, 7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA

DATE: Sunday July 28th, 2019

TIME: 11.30 AM to 4.00 PM

CRICKET MATCH DETAILS: The game is open to everyone - all ages and abilities. American players have the natural tendency to drop their bat, resulting in shouts of "Pick it up, it's not baseball!" We'll make sure everyone gets a bat and a bowl, and it's all played in the spirit of the game. Twenty Twenty format with a free players Luncheon courtesy of our co-sponsor. We'll be able to provide all the necessary equipment, but if you have any yourself, feel free to bring it. There will be a Practice and warm Up at 11.30 prior to the game starting at around Noon.

SPECTATOR DETAILS: You are welcome to picnic on the boundary. This is NOT a Pot Luck, so if you do want to share your food, please make sure it has been properly packaged and ingredients labeled e.g. Fred Meyer party packs. Bring your own chairs and tables if you wish, as there are no park picnic tables in the area of the pitch.

PARKING: Turn right immediately after the Tennis Center Building from the Park Main Entrance. Go down about 200 yards and look for the BENW banner on the fence. Parking is opposite.

RESERVE YOUR SPOT:  Go to our "Contact Us" page. Put "Cricket" in the Header. In the message give the first and last name of anyone in your party who wants to play (including yourself) and the the total number in your party, including spectators. We will email a confirmation and give further details of arrangements.

HAVE QUESTIONS? Call us on (360) 710-1637

Cricket Match Picnic
Sponsored By
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Our sponsor will be providing a free luncheon for the players and an area for them to hang out during and between innings.

Spectators should feel free to bring a proper picnic hamper if you wish, but it is not compulsory.

There will also be a sponsor raffle with maybe a gift card and some mystery prizes!


I understand cricket - what's going on, the scoring - but I can't understand why. Bill Bryson

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