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Britcon on the Lawn

  Britcon Event in Association with            Britevents Northwest                                  
451 E Murray Rd North, Grapeview, WA

Saturday August 5th 2023

Check-in is Noon to 1 pm
Finish time flexible between 5-8 pm
(at the discretion of our hosts, Dawn and Ian from Britcon)


Must be 13 or over to attend. Dogs are not allowed at this event.  


Pot Luck - Bring your own or pre-packaged food to share (British style preferred)

Brit chat with the "Duke of Bremerton" and Brit prize fun trivia quiz on your feet

Alcohol allowed - Bring Your Own Bottle or six-pack to share

Introduction to Tea Dunking (or is that biscuit dunking?)


Meet the Icelandic horses and look out for guest appearances by other animals

Football Golf and Mini-Cricket prize competitions. Designed for learners.

Check out a Tardis or two.  Visit the Media Area for some fun Brit videos.


Event Promotion and Prizes From

logo_white_background - 10% Copy.jpg

This is a Private residence and small farm in a shady rural part of Mason County.  City dwellers should be ready for fresh air, rural smells, and lots of trees and small wildlife (and maybe a deer if we are lucky!). The main animals on the farm are the Icelandic Horses, some of whom you can say hello to from the other side of their enclosures.  You will be taking either the North or South turnings off Highway 3 between Shelton and Allyn on to E Grapeview Loop Rd.  The turning to E Murray Rd North is about half way around the loop. Follow the Road until it turns in to an unpaved compressed dirt/stone track. You will be guided into the main parking area from there. There is a separate turn in 50 yards further on (after the "End of County Road" sign for disabled parking. Please indicate if you require this area on the Sign Up form as spaces are limited.

Questions about the Event? Use our Contact Form.  We will reply asap

Picnic in the Park.jpg

The Pot Luck element of the event always starts tongues salivating, especially if it is British style which you don't have the chance to sample that often. We love for you to bring homemade food, but this brings with it responsibilities to others when sharing. Make sure all food is prepared with hygiene in mind. Any hot food should be cooked according to recommended times and temperatures.  Make sure you have the ingredients in your head, on paper or on your phone in case you are asked by attendees with food allergies.

There will be a propane grill if you want to bring something to grill yourself (as per safety advice above).

Alcohol is allowed and you should BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle),but please drink responsibly and anyone aged 13-20 attending should stick to non-alcoholic drinks. Bring your own soft drinks and water too.

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