Brits at the Races

Newcomer Guide

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Automated Betting in action at Emerald Downs
Parking and Admission

If you are coming to the Emerald Downs Racetrack for the first time, you will be driving along Ron Crockett Drive which parallels Highway 167 and links 15th St NW and 37th St NW. FREE PARKING is at the North End of Ron Crockett Drive. It is a good 6-10 minute walk from the free lots to the main building. There is a shuttle vehicle (shown in Photo 2) that you can pick up at one of the shelter stops (Photo 1). The shuttle runs throughout the event. If you want to park closer, you can use the PREFERRED PARKING which is just to the South and North of the building and is 1-3 minutes walk away. The charge is $10 per vehicle. There are disabled spaces in all lots. If you have a wheelchair, please contact the Racetrack about the availability in the free disabled parking area close to the building. Make your way to the admission gates (Photo 3). If you are coming to the Brits at the Races event MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A COUPON PRINTED FROM THE EVENT PAGE ON THIS SITE FOR EACH 18+ ADULT. Age 17 or younger persons get in free, but I advise if a minor looks 18 or older for them to bring ID just in case Security ask.  Once you are through the admission gates, you are in the Security area and Security staff will spot check bags, purses, and back packs. Before you take the escalator, elevator, or stairs up to the trackside level you may wish to visit the kiosks either side of the escalators when you can buy your program, race card and tip sheet.

Trackside Level /Reserved area and Betting

Level 2 is the trackside level where you can visit the WELCOME CENTER (Photo 1) where there is information on the racetrack and betting as well as trained staff who can help you with your services and betting questions.  You can also get access to the Grandstand level (Photo 3) This is the first level where you will find betting points and restrooms. These are on all floors, but you may wish to get some advice on placing your bet with the staffed points on this floor. There are far more automated betting points than staffed points and the video at the top of the page will show how you use these automated machines. Betting is with Cash only and you will need to exchange your cash for betting vouchers at the staffed points. This is also the level where the games arcade is (kids of all ages might want to visit there!). There are ATM machines should you run out of spare cash in your purse or wallet! You can walk through the building straight to the trackside area where you will find the reserved area if you are coming to the Brits at the Races event. We are on the front few rows right by the finishing post.  You will be using the reserved area as a check-in point for the free raffle, a meeting point for fellow Brits and Britophiles, and for information from your organizer. This is also where the Best Hat competition will be held and the raffle draw will take place.

Grandstand and Casino Levels (3 and 5)

The Grandstand Level is where you will find your first bars (Photo 1) and eating areas (Photo 2)  Please note that there are fast food stands outside at trackside level as well. This is also where you will find fine dining tables overlooking the racetrack. There is also a fast food restaurant on this level. To access the Rainer Restaurant (Photo 3) and the Casino (Photo 4), you will need to access the elevators at the Grandstand level. The casino is open throughout the event and is tables only (no slots). With these food, drinking, and gaming options we do not expect you to be spending your whole time at the reserved area, especially after the race meeting finishes, as the entertainment, restaurant and casino continue to 11 pm should you desire to stay.