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Brit Party

We promote both our own and third party British themed events. Our events are either free or low priced. We provide FREE advertising to any Business, Organization, or Individual offering free to attend British themed events. Additionally, ticketed events by nonprofits or paying advertisers are also OK.  Click HERE to see our latest advertised events.  Throughout the year we also have FREE TO ENTER Prize competitions and raffles.  There are online quizzes,  and Online Raffles. We offer INFORMATION LINKS to key government and travel websites. We also have our PANEL OF EXPERTS for International Tax, US Immigration, and UK Pensions issues expats may face in the USA. 

VIP Club

You are  a FREE Britevents Northwest Subscriber if you join our EMAIL MAILING LIST. You can also join by clicking HERE. You can unsubscribe at anytime.  In the Puget Sound region, we also have a Paid Membership known as the VIP Club. For just $40 for 12 months, you get a range of additional benefits. Click HERE for more details. . We also have a FACEBOOK PAGE where you can follow us if that is what you prefer. The Facebook Page also highlights interesting news stories from the UK that are not always top of the headlines.

Ask the Experts Panel

In order to run our events, we rely on paid and unpaid organizers and hosts. If you want to know more about being a Britevents Neighborhood Host, then fill in our HOST INQUIRY FORM.  To fund our events and also support our nonprofit partners, we rely on income from several sources. These are our VIP Club Members (mentioned already above), our business sponsors, and our approved advertisers.  If your business is interested in sponsoring or advertising with us, then please visit our SPONSOR AND ADVERTISER PAGE.  

IMPORTANT POLICY ANNOUNCEMENT: Britevents has a range of  policies in relation to the use of this site, its communications, memberships, and event behavior. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THOSE POLICIES. If you feel we, or any one using this site, or attending our events does not meet these policies, please CONTACT US immediately putting the affected Policy in the header and a description of your complaint or concern in the message body. Britevents Northwest is not responsible for the content of third party sites, but please feel free to make a report, so we can investigate whether we retain links with that third party.

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