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This is where we feature information on our quizzes, drawings, and team competitions. Most competitions, whether on line or live, have a prize or two to win. You can also find out here the names of the winners of our competitions and entry rules

Our main focus during the COVID-19 emergency is to provide up to date information on the Premier League and the other three tiers of full-time professional football in England.  We also promote our FREE TO ENTER football predictions competitions here. 

 Do you have an important question that needs answering

as a resident Brit or friend / family member of a Brit. Maybe, it's a question about green cards or visas. Or, do you have a pension in the UK that you are not sure what to do with it? Are you caught up in an IRS tax issue concerning your UK assets or income? We have our Panel of experts waiting to answer your question for free!

Many of the events Britevents Northwest organizes is done in conjunction with local Meet Up groups for Brits.

We have a Meet Up Portal on the site to find out more about these groups.

We are only able to provide some of our events because of the financial support from our Sponsors. You will see some of the Sponsors on this page and dotted throughout the site. The directory of event sponsors can be found on the Events Calendar page. We are always looking for new sponsors, so if you know of a business that is a good fit for our site, go to the Sponsor Information Page where you will find the offer of FREE advertising on this site!

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