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Who we are

Our Mission is to connect people from all backgrounds and nationalities to British culture, past and present as well as celebrating British heritage by organizing and sponsoring face to face events and online activities

Some days only Brits celebrate 


St David's Day on March 1st 
Celebrating the Patron Saint of Wales and all things Welsh
St Patrick's Day on March 17th
Celebrating the Patron Saint of Ireland and all things Irish
St George's Day on April 23rd
Celebrating the Patron Saint of England and everything English
D Day the 6th of June (Allies Day)
A very special day in the special relationship between the UK and USA featuring the bravest generation
Guy Fawkes Night on November 5th
Bonfires and sparklers celebrating the survival of Parliament in 1605
St Andrew's Day on 30th November
Celebrating the Patron Saint of Scotland and everything Scottish
Boxing Day on 26th December
The UK national holiday the USA forgot!

​I vow to thee my Country - the many sides of Britishness


THE GEOGRAPHY - Hills and Valleys, Islands and Coasts, Country Lanes and Public Rights of Way, Rivers and Streams, Parks and Gardens

THE HISTORY - from the Roman invasion to the Dark Ages. From the Renaissance to Disestablishment. From Civil War to the Industrial Revolution. From Empire to Commonwealth. From World Wars to European Union and now Post Brexit era!


THE ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE - Stonehenge, Roman ruins, Castles and Palaces, Engineering Wonders, Canals and Bridges, The Railways and Tube.


THE FAMOUS - Kings and Queens, the Inventors and Scientists, the Statesmen and Orators, the Novelists and Poets, the Artists and Sculptors, the Composers and Musicians

THE CULTURE - Everything stops for Tea, the Village Pub, Amateur Sport, Fetes and Fayres, the Seaside Resort, Community Centres


THE SPORTS - Association Football, Rugby Union and Rugby League, Cricket, Links Golf, Lawn Bowls, Snooker, Highland Games


THE PEOPLE - The Countries and Regions, the Dialects, the Diversity, the Access to Education, Unions and Associations


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