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You will play in Teams of Two to Four. If you are alone, we will pair you up with someone else who is playing alone or add you to a Team of Two or Three.  

Questions will be a mix of British trivia and General Knowledge (with an American bias). Your compere will explain more at the quiz. Please bring a pen with you if possible. 

The winning team will have some mystery Brit prizes, a trophy each, and the special winners certificate each. There will be a separate prize for the best Team name.


$10 per person, $7.50 for Puget Sound Brit VIP Club members and first guest. Non refundable.

You will be invoiced following registration.  You MUST pay in advance by the due date otherwise your registration is voided.

Use our CONTACT FORM if you have any questions about the event.

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  1. You must not leave the room with your cellphone or tablet during the quiz without compere permission

  2. No outbound cellphone use during the quiz

  3. Complete the answer sheet as instructed

  4. No disputes of answers allowed

  5. Quiz compere's decision is final

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