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"Get Paid to ..." Information Directory
"GET PAID TO" sounds like it is wage. It is not! You can take payment as a taxable cash lump sum or as a Gift Card. You can also have us donate it to a nonprofit of your or our choosing. You can also have the Gift Card sent to someone else who would appreciate it like a friend or family member.  We use the term "Ex-British resident" in some of the descriptions. The reason we need this term is to ensure that our activities are always British themed or British led with Brit talk being part of the conversation. The definition we will use is that you lived, worked, trained, or were educated in the UK for at least 5 years after the age of 15. We reserve the right to check this out, although if we discern a British accent, it's a given! If you do not meet the criteria, you can still take advantage of these offers, but sometimes with more specific requirements than British ex-residents.

Eat and Drink

Hosting Option:

$50 plus meal expenses for one or two (max $50)

Web Review Option:

Meal Expense only  (max $25)

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The Hosting Option is for an official Brit MeetUp event of up to 12 attendees.  You are NOT organizing the event, just acting as HOST. You can suggest a restaurant to host the event.  These can be at any type of restaurant, as long as you qualify as an ex British resident as detailed above. If you do NOT qualify, as an ex-British resident,  you may still host as long as the venue has British food on the menu. As host, you will have a few simple tasks and leave the rest to the group and the conversation!

The Web Reviewer option is for any Brit Meet Up Member as we will provide the British themed restaurant for you to review.  You may bring a guest, but they should not complete the review. The review will be done online within 24 hours of the visit and will take about 20-30 minutes.

Host a Social Event in a Park

$50 per event (approx 2 hrs)

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This can be your own idea or one we have arranged in the past such as a Picnic, a Game, or a ramble. You will not be organizing, just performing a few simple tasks on the day. There will be up to 20 attendees. You can suggest the Park, but make sure you are familiar with the Park rules regarding groups before you express an interest, as we will check that information to determine whether the event can be approved.  You must qualify as a British ex-resident as detailed above OR if you do NOT qualify then the event must have a British theme

Provide Leads for new sponsors

$15 per qualified lead

$25 bonus on lead becoming a sponsor

Click HERE to express an interest

We are looking to expand our Professional Network of "Experts" to partner with Britevents Northwest and become an addition to our current US Immigration, International Tax, and UK Pensions sponsors. There are numerous professions we would consider. They include, but not limited to Insurance,  Investments, Real Estate, Counseling, Coaching, Travel, Vocational training, Legal Representation etc. The lead must be "qualified". This means you know them and can recommend them and that they know who will be calling them and why. We ask you to be familiar with our website and the Sponsor Information Page in particular.

Host a Watch Party for a Sports Event

$50 flat fee no matter what the duration (usually 2-4 hours)

Click HERE to express an interest

This Option is for British ex-Residents ONLY and must demonstrate knowledge of the chosen Sport as it operates in Britain. We will select the Sporting Event, most often it will be Football/Soccer, Rugby, or 20/20 Cricket. You can choose the Pub venue. You must confirm in advance that at least one large TV screen indoors or outdoors will be showing the event. You will host not organize. There are a few simple tasks to perform during the event.  

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