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Guests allowed:
Four maximum,  including kids
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Notes about the  events 

When you register for the event, you will receive a confirmation and then any updates about the event. It is the registrant's responsibility to inform any guest(s)  about these updates . You should also read our Safe events Policy before attending and remember that applies to guests as well.  You can support our activities by joining our VIP Club and receiving some nice extra benefits in return. It is normally $35 for a 12 month membership, but by using the Code "King3" on the Application Form, we will give you a royal $5 discount! Any questions about these events or our website, Contact Us.


Sunday May 7th, 2-4.30 pm, Renton


We are celebrating HM King Charles III official coronation as monarch of the United Kingdom. This will include a chance to resume our Brit connections and socialize in a safe, outdoor environment. We will be at Gene Coulson Park in Renton. There will be a canopy set up with Union Jack flags close to the SE corner of the park not far from the main parking lot.


Bring along some food to share if you want (British, if possible, homemade or purchased). There will be a free to enter raffle for a piece of Coronation memorabilia.

We will have at least one communal rendition of "God Save the King" and a fun quiz relating to facts about our new monarch!

HOST: Steve Caldwell 

For Venue Info click HERE


Saturday May 6th, 2-4 pm,  Troutdale


The Coronation of King Charles III is May 6th 2023. Join us for a celebration of this grand historic moment. We will meet at The Edgefield in Troutdale. The meeting point currently at The Loading Dock Grill. You will recognize the British flag bunting! The Edgefield is a beautiful property with a number of lovely bars and restaurants. 

Feel free to wander and order refreshments from any of these options as well as the Loading Dock itself. At 3pm we will gather to sing God Save The King. Im looking forward to seeing you all, celebrating the coronation and enjoying a grand day out.

HOST: Andrea Wild

For Venue Info, click HERE

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